Scholarships for Junior/Senior Year and Graduate School of interest to
physics/astronomy majors/graduate students, intended for astronomy research

These are prestigious scholarships/fellowships, and require at least 1 month, better 2-3 months or more, of preparation.  Most are open to any major.  Contact the UL Honors Office for further information.


Goldwater Scholarships, for sophomores and juniors to finish their studies in science/math/engineering, deadline: around Jan 15

Gates Millenium Scholarships, for a good-through-graduation scholarship at any college/university of your choice, deadline around Jan 15


Marshall Scholarships, for 2-3 years of study at any UK university, deadline around Sep 1

Rhodes Scholarships, for 2-3 years of study at Oxford, deadline around Sep 15

Amelia Earhart/Zonta International, for women in science/math/engineering, deadline around Sep 15

Churchill Scholarships, for one year at Churchill College, Cambridge for a senior or
within 1 year after a BS degree from a student at a particular list of US institutions, deadline around
the first week of November; as of Oct 2015, U Louisville was not on the list

Fulbright Fellowships, for a year of graduate study/research abroad (+ other programs), deadline around Oct 15

Gates Cambridge Scholarships, for 2-3 years of study at Cambridge University, deadline around Oct 15

NSF Graduate Fellowships, for graduate studies in science/math,  >$100,000/3 years of support, deadline around Nov 4

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship, for at least a year of undergraduate/graduate study abroad, contact Rotary Club of Louisville, deadline around Mar 1

NASA Graduate Fellowships, for 3 years of financial support, requires NASA mentor, deadline around Mar 1, being phased out in 2013 but may be reconstituted

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF), do web search for NESSF, for solar system and planetary system formation/evolution studies, due around Feb 1

Various NASA-funded scholarships and post-doctoral fellowships

General list of scholarships for international study

List of graduate study abroad funding sources (mostly independent of field) from

General list of science and engineering scholarships from

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