Washington-Baltimore Hungarian Links

   Tisza Ensemble
   UNICUM event list
   Kossuth Haz Social Club
   Hungarian Catholic Community
   Hungarian Reformed Church
   semi-annual Hungarian picnic


Washington-Baltimore Austrian/German/Swiss Links

   Alpine Dancers
   Austrian/German/Swiss event list
   Goethe Institut (Deutsch)
   Goethe Institut (English)
 Washington area Stammtisch
 Goethe Institut monthly newsletter
 Austrian Embassy events calendar
  German Catholic Community (with Protestant information, too)

Sign up for unicum and dcdeutsch (Hungarian and German lists for events in Washington-Baltimore) at


Washington-Baltimore Pan-European/International Links


International Club of DC

German, Austrian, Hungarian food in Washington-Baltimore

local restaurants & bakeries

German, Austrian food in US

German American Corner Yellow Pages

Hungarian food  (mail order) in US
Hungarian mail order

Tips on finding a flat / apartment in France
How to open a banana the easy way

Gerard Williger's homepage