SPS Eclipse Glasses sales
Society of Physics Students T-shirt and Eclipse Glasses

The Univ. of Louisville chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) is selling t-shirts and eclipse glasses as a fundraiser for its activities and to help out generally for its role in physics and astronomy at UofL.  T-shirts will appear like this:

t-shirt image        examples

For ADVANCE SALES by Aug. 1 (as we need time to order/print t-shirts - the deadline might be extended if it's possible), the cost is $15 per t-shirt, or $15.90 including 6% KY sales tax.
COLORS: black or light grey -- printing is white
SIZES: Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL), Extra-extra Large (XXL)

SPS is also selling eclipse viewers (also called "eclipse glasses").  For ADVANCE SALES by Aug. 1, the cost is $3 per viewer (meaning $3.18 including KY 6% sales tax) if bought on their own, or $1 per viewer (or $1.06 including 6% KY sales tax) if each viewer is bought in combination with one t-shirt each.  Therefore, one t-shirt and one eclipse viewer is $16.96, while two t-shirts and two eclipse viewers are $33.92 etc.
See the eclipse viewer example below.


eclipse viewer example

Orders can currently be made for pick-up at one of three locations:
1) At the SPS eclipse-viewing event at Mike Miller Park on Mon Aug. 21 before 1pm CDT.  T-shirts and viewers will be on sale for a higher price on site (yet to be determined, but probably a few dollars more each), and supplies will be limited.

2) At the UofL Alumni Association - Nashville Chapter eclipse-viewing event at Sanders Ferry Park - Pavilion #8, Hendersonville TN, before 1pm CDT. See this website for details about eclipse-viewing.
T-shirts and viewers will be on sale for a higher price on site (yet to be determined, but probably a few dollars more each), and supplies will be limited.

3) On the UofL Belknap Campus during the week of Aug. 14-18, during regular business hours, at a site to be determined and announced on the SPS eclipse Facebook page.

Orders can currently be made by check.  Eventually, we would like to have them made via PayPal and credit card, but we're not quite there yet.
Please send a check payable to "Society of Physics Students, Univ. of Louisville" for the amount corresponding to your order.  Be sure to use the amount including the 6% sales tax. Please indicate the number of shirts, the sizes and colors of each, plus the number of eclipse viewers.
Mail it to:
Society of Physics Students
Dept of Physics & Astronomy
Univ Louisville
Louisville KY 40292

We're working on it as of July 18, 2017.  We have a Paypal account for money collection offered
by UofL alumnus Brian Holton, and SPS is also working on linking
its Paypal account to its Facebook page.   Please watch this page for developments.

SPS would welcome help from any alumni who could provide mail-order service for alumni who cannot pick them up.  Although the path of totality is 3000 miles long and 70 miles wide, the eclipse viewers are useful over a much wider area as the partial eclipse will be visible from across the continental US.  Shipping and handling/labor would be appropriately added on to cover costs.

For information about t-shirt and eclipse glasses sales or offers of help for mail order,
please contact SPS member Samir Kusmic at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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