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Nano-Materials Synthesis and Characterization Labratory (NMSaCL)

Semiconductor nanowires (NWs), nanocrystals, and carbon nanotubes (CNT) have shown unique properties compare to bulk material. This may offer many opportunities for the assembly of nanoscale devices; i.e. electrical, electro-optical and biological devices. Achievement on real application of nano-materials is possible by 1) synthesize of nano-materials with highest control over the chemical compounds and structure 2) efficient and accurate measurement on synthesized materials integrated in a device. In Nano-Materials Synthesis and Characterization Labratory (NMSaCL) Synthesis of a broad range of nano-materials are achievable; i.e. semiconducting, metal-oxide, and superconducting nanowires as well as carbon nanotubes (SWNT, DWNT, MWNT), and carbon fibers.  In addition, an electrostatic force system allows deposition of graphene on any surface with control over the number of layers (even monolayer deposition). Also electro spinning is used to produce microfiber of polymers in a multi-shell fashion. The fundamental physical properties such as, electrical, magnetic, thermal, etc for the various nano-materials has being tested in Nano-Materials Synthesis and Characterization Labratory (NMSaCL), for example two and four probes resistance, thermopower and thermal conductivity, Hall Effect and Magneto Resistance measurements. Also field emission/Thermionic emission and sensor studies can be done on various nanotubes/nanowire based structures.