13th annual Bullitt Lecture in Astronomy

Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013 at 6pm, FREE and open to the public
Gheens Science Hall & Rauch Planetarium

Speaker:  Virginia Trimble (U. California at Irvine)

5:30-6pm: Warm-up planetarium show: "Flying through the Universe", and "Story of the
Crab Nebula" (pictured on the poster)
5:30-6pm and after the lecture: U. Louisville physics & astronomy majors and graduate students Austin Gornet,
Brian Leist, Geoff Lentner, Blake Pantoja, Conrad Smart, Jason Thieman, Amna Zolj and others will be available
to talk one-on-one with interested middle and high school students about studying astronomy in college,
and about careers.
After the lecture: Talk with Dr. Trimble, and peek through telescopes provided by the Louisville Astronomical Society

Parking: Visitor parking is available in the lot immediately to the east of the planetarium building,
north of Davidson Hall and south (across the street) from the School of Music.  At 5pm, the red (reserved)
lot which is just north of the College of Business building, and west of the School of Music will be opened to the public. 

poster for Bullitt Lecture 2013

Virginia Trimble earned  her undergraduate degree from UCLA, and received her
PhD from Caltech in 1968.  She is famous for an annual review of much of the
scientific literature in astrophysics, and has served as vice president of both the
American Astronomical Society (AAS) and the International Astronomical Union. 
She was awarded the AAS Van Biesbroeck Prize in 2010 for a lifetime of service
to  the profession.  Dr. Trimble has published 200 scholarly articles and an even
greater number of conference presentations and popular works, working in such
diverse fields  as supernova remnants, pulsars, dark matter and also publication
trends and the sociology of  astronomers.  She is very active in public outreach and
gives many popular talks on astronomy.

      We will record the lecture for our talk archiveHere is the link on YouTube.

The Physics & Astronomy Departmentís Bullitt Lecture is a free lecture aimed at the general
Since 2001, the Physics & Astronomy Departmentís Bullitt Lecture has presented a
distinguished astrophysicist to a Louisville audience in the Gheens Science Hall and Rauch
Bullitt Lecturers have included a number of prominent scientists/engineers.

College and high school students, teachers, and many others from the community interested in
the impact and excitement that astrophysics has generated have attended Bullitt Lectures in
large numbers. The public and members of the University community are warmly invited!

The Lecture is endowed through a grant from the family of William Marshall Bullitt, the
Solicitor General of the United States under President William Howard Taft.  Here is
a brief biography and description of his connection to the University of Louisville.

Several of the Bullitt lectures are available in streaming (.asx) format in the
UL astronomy talk archive.
Posters for all of the current and previous Bullitt Lectures are available:
2001 Gale Christianson, "Edwin Hubble: An Astronomer's Life"
, host John Kielkopf
2002 Fred Espinak, "Solar Eclipses and Mysteries of the Sun", host Shawn Laatsch
2003 James Kaler, "The Life and Death of Stars"
, host David Brown
2004 Fang Li Zhi, "Dark Energy in the Universe"
, host Shi-Yu Wu
2005 J. Richard Gott, "A Map of the Universe"
, host John Kielkopf, David Brown
2006 Alan Dressler, "Galaxies, Stars, Planets and Life: the Birth of the Modern Universe"
, host Gerard Williger
, host Gerard Williger
Dr.  Dressler was interviewed on Louisville's WFPL (NPR) radio on April 20, 2006 on State of Affairs, which has an archive edition of the radio interview. 
2007 C.R. O'Dell, "Creating the Hubble Space Telescope"
, host Gerard Williger
2008 Caty Pilachowski, "The Star Cities of the Milky Way"
  flier, host Gerard Williger
Dr. Pilachowski was interviewed on Louisville's WFPL (NPR) radio on October 29, 2008 on State of Affairs, which has an archive edition of the radio interview. 
2009 Ferenc Pavlics and Phillip Abel, "40 Years: Lunar Exploration"  flier, host Gerard Williger
Mr. Pavlics and Dr. Abel were interviewed on Louisville's WFPL (NPR) radio on October 8, 2009 on State of Affairs, which has an archive edition of the radio interview. 
2010 Don York, "The History of the Telescope and Its Relation to Culture", host James Lauroesch
     The Louisville Courier-Journal wrote a piece about the lecture in its
Oct. 6, 2010 edition.

2011 Linda Spilker, "Cassini-Huygens explores the Saturn System: Recent Discoveries and Science Highlights", host Tim Dowling
2012 Kris Stanek
, "Measuring the Size and Age of the Universe", host Gerard Williger

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