Mortar Board Free Public Lecture: 

Does College Cost Too Much?

Robert Martin, Professor emeritus, Centre College

Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014, 7pm
Davidson Hall 109
U. Louisville Belknap (main) Campus

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For the past three decades college costs increased faster than any other sector in the economy, including healthcare. This rapid increase defeats public access policy. The evidence also suggests value added has declined: lower graduation rates, lower student study time, accelerating grade inflation, and lower competency testing results. These trends are a direct threat to the intergenerational “social contract” that sustains public support for higher education. Further, they have serious adverse consequences for economic prosperity.

Students, faculty and staff at U. Louisville and other universities, high school students and members of the public are warmly invited. Admission is free.

Robert Martin served as the Ewing T. Boles Prof. of Economics at Centre College from 1996 to 2008.
His past appointments include posts at Louisiana State and U. Texas-Arlington.  He is the author of a large number
of scholarly works on the economics of college educations, including

“When College Becomes a Risky Investment,” (June 17, 2013), Chronicle of Higher Education.  http://chronicle.com/article/When-College-Becomes-a-Risky/139845?cid=megamenu.

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“The ‘Post-Partisan’ University,” (August 5, 2011), Inside Higher Ed.

“How College Pricing Undermines Financial Aid.” With Andrew Gillen, The Center for College Affordability and Productivity, March 2011.

“Can We Measure the Value of College Teaching?” with Andrew Gillen, (February 7, 2011) Minding the Campus.

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“The Revenue to Cost Spiral in Higher Education.”  The Pope Center, July 2009.  

“Why Tuition Costs are Rising so Quickly.” Challenge, July/August 2002, 88-108.

and many other articles.  He also authored the following books:

Cost Control, College Access, and Competition in Higher Education.  Edward Elgar, Ltd: 2005.


   The College Cost Disease: Higher Cost and Lower Quality. Edward Elgar, Ltd: May 2011.