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Gerard Williger

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Regional Astronomy-related Seminars:

Western Kentucky Colloquia Mon 4pm
STScI (Webcast) Colloquia Wed 3:30pm
Indiana Colloquia WedLunch Talks Fri 12:15
Vanderbilt Colloquia Thu 3:00pm, Weekly Schedule
Ohio State Colloquia Thu 4:30pm
U Kentucky Astro Seminar & Starbursts Thu 4pm, Colloquia Fri 3:30pm
U Cincinnati Colloquia Thu 4pm, Astrophysics & Particle Physics, Seminars Mon 4pm, Journal Club Thu 1pm
NASA Goddard Colloquia Wed 3pm
U Louisville Colloquia Fri 3pm, other talks

Related UL Seminars:

Math Colloquia Fri 4pm