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Miscellaneous Information:

Diplom (M.S.), Physics, 2000, Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany)
Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.) Physics 2005, Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany)
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy, 2013-present, University of Louisville

Research Areas

Astronomy / Astrophysics

Current Research

My research is primarily focused on observational astronomy and the study of the evolution of galaxies in particular, including local Low Surface Brightness and star forming galaxies at moderate redshifts. Current projects investigate dust and morphological properties of Lyman break and disk galaxies at redshift z~2. These projects utilize a wide variety of public multi-wavelength (UV to far-IR) imaging and spectroscopy survey data. The multi-wavelength data allow for detailed studies of the spectral energy distributions of the target galaxies to investigate their star formation histories and therefore their evolutio. Additionally, I am involved in projects aiming on the study of large scale structures investigating large concentrations of quasars, so called Large Quasar Groups (LQGs). These LQGs exist on scales of several 100 Mpc and represent the largest concentrations of matter in the Universe. My work is funded through grants from NASA (e.g. Kentucky Space Grant Consortium) allows me to involve undergraduate and graduate students in these projects.

Significant Publications:

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"Evidence of increased UV Fe II emission in quasars in candidate overdense regions", Harris, Kathryn A.; Williger, G. M.; Haberzettl, L.; Mitchell, S.; Farrah, D.; Graham, M. J.; Davé, R.; Younger, M. P.; Söchting, I. K.; 2013, MNRAS 435, 3125

"GALEX-selected Lyman Break Galaxies at z ~ 2: Comparison with Other Populations"; Haberzettl, L.; Williger, G.; Lehnert, M. D.; Nesvadba, N.; Davies, L.; 2012, ApJ 745, 96

"The Clowes-Campusano Large Quasar Group Survey. I. GALEX Selected Sample of Lyman Break Galaxies at z ~ 1"; Haberzettl, L.; Williger, G. M.; Lauroesch, J. T.; Haines, C. P.; Valls-Gabaud, D.; Harris, K. A.; Koekemoer, A. M.; Loveday, J.; Campusano, L. E.; Clowes, R. G.; Davé, R.; Graham, M. J.; Söchting, I. K.; 2009, ApJ 702, 506

"Low surface brightness galaxies around the HDF-S. II. Distances and volume densities"; Haberzettl, L.; Bomans, D. J.; Dettmar, R.-J.; 2007, A&A 471, 787

"Low surface brightness galaxies around the HDF-S. I. Object extraction and photometric results"; Haberzettl, L.; Bomans, D. J.; Dettmar, R.-J.; Pohlen, M.; 2007, A&A 465, 95