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Department Chair / Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Natural Science Bldg. 102
University of Louisville
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Louisville, Kentucky 40292
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

University of Delhi, India1970 - 1973B.Sc. (Hons) Physics
University of Delhi, India1973 - 1975M. Sc. Physics
I.I.T., Delhi, India1975 - 1980Ph.D. Physics

Research Areas

Theoretical and Computational Condensed Matter Physics; Nanoscale Science; Surface Science; Real-Space Electronic Structure Theory; Molecular Dynamics; Quantum-mechanics Based Simulations; Quantum Electronic Transport

Current Research

Prof. Jayanthi’s research focuses on the development of methodologies for large-scale simulations based on robust semi-empirical Hamiltonians with the goal of determining the structure-property relationships of novel complex materials with reduced symmetries. Using these methods, she has studied unusual electro-mechanical responses of single-wall carbon nanotubes, colossal magnetic responses of carbon nanotori, phonon modes in capped carbon nanotubes, etc. Her recent research interests include studies on the structural and electronic properties of SiC clusters, SiC nanowires, and two-dimensional boron sheets. One of the goals of these studies has been to design materials with improved properties for the next generation of electronic devices.

Significant Publications: 

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1. Low-dimensional boron structures based on icosahedron B12
C B Kah, Ming Yu, P. Tandy, C.S. Jayanthi, and S.Y. Wu, Nanotechnology 26, 405701(2015)

2. Initial stage of growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes: modeling and simulations
 I. Chaudhuri, Ming Yu, C.S. Jayanthi, and S.Y. Wu, J. Phys. Condensed Matter 26, 115301 (2014)

3. Theoretical Predictions of SiC bucky-diamond Cluster
Ming Yu, C.S. Jayanthi, and S.Y. Wu, Nanotechnology 23, 235705 (2012)

4. Colossal Paramagnetic moments in metallic Carbon nanotori
L.Liu. G.Y. Guo, C.S. Jayanthi, S.Y. Wu, Physical Review Letters 88, 217206 (2002).

5. Order-N methodologies and their applications
S.Y. Wu and C.S. Jayanthi, Physics Reports 358 1-74 (2002).