October 2017

Dr. Swagato Banerjee receives 2017-2018 US Atlas Distinguished Research Scholar Award. Further details can be found at the link: http://www.usatlas.bnl.gov/programoffice/scholars.php

Dr. Benne Holwerda has won a highly competitive Hubble Space Telescope time award from the Space Science Telescope Institute.

Dr. Swagato Banerjee will be an invited speaker at the April 2018 American Physical Society Meeting of the Division of Particles and Fields and will speak on “Higgs Physics at LHC”

Dr. Chakram Jayanthi was an invited speaker at the "Game Changing Physics Symposium” held in honor of Dr. Annalisa Fasolino’s royal distinction as the Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion for her contributions to science, education, and the position of women in science (October 20, 2017). Dr. Jayanthi’s talk was entitled “Function-Oriented Design of Two-Dimensional Materials.”

Professor Sergio Mendes and his research team (PhD student Jafar Ghithan and Prof. Martin O’Toole, Bioengineering) have developed an innovative approach to detect and quantify influenza virus molecules by incorporating an electro-optically responsive biological assay onto their novel photonic device. This work has been selected for the special issue of Optics & Photonics News magazine as the most exciting peer-reviewed research that has emerged in the past 12 months.