Incommensurate Structures

A Brief Description

An exact calculation of the vibrational dynamics of the incommensurate phase of the infinite Frenkel-Kontorova(FK) chain has been studied using the Real Space Green's-function technique. Our calculation reveals all the characteristic features seen in experiments such as Goldstone modes, zone-folding, quasi-gaps, quasi-zone centers, dispersionless phason modes, etc. We have also examined the effect of parameters defining the incommensurate nature of the system on the incommensurate-commensurate transition, dispersion relation, etc.

Recent Publications in Incommensurate Structures

  1. N.S. Luo, S.Y. Wu, and C.S. Jayanthi, Structure and Dynamics of the Incommensurate Phase of an Infinite Frenkel Kontorova Chain, Phys. Rev. B55, 1748 (1997).