Currently, I am trying to make a complete list of long-term faculty and (easy to find) AAS members are listed. 
I will do my best to include temporary/visiting faculty and post-docs.
If there are links to each university's graduate student lists, I would be happy to link to those sites.  If you are an active professional
astronomer in Kentucky and are not listed, or have other corrections to suggest (like a different link for you),
please let me know via gmwill06* where * is [at]louisville[dot]edu.  Gerry Williger
Updated: 2013 Oct 17

Bellarmine University
Akhtar Mahmood

Berea College
Tracy Hodge

Centre College
Phil Lockett

Eastern Kentucky
Marco Ciocca
Jessica Lair
Mark Pitts
Rodney Piercey

Jefferson Community & Technical College
Chris Graney

Kentucky, U. of
Gary Ferland
Isaac Schlosman
Yuanyuan Su
Tom Troland
Ron Wilhelm
Renbin Yan

Louisville, U. of

Tim Dowling
Lutz Haberzettl
Benne Holwerda
Joanna Bridge
John Kielkopf
James Lauroesch
Gerry Williger

Morehead State

Jennifer Birriel
Ben Malphrus
Tom Pannuti
Dirk Grupe

Murray State
Josh Ridley

Northern Kentucky
Sharmanthie Fernando
Scott Nutter
Nathan De Lee

Thomas More College
Wes Ryle

Western Kentucky
Mike Carini
Richard Gelderman
Steven Gibson
Charles McGruder
Tom Bohuski
Jason Boyles
Tin-hui Lee