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Gerard Williger

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Recent Papers:

What is the Total Deuterium Abundance in the Local Galactic Disk?, 2006, ApJ, 647, 1106, astro-ph/0608308
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Ultra-bright, High Redshift ULIRGS, 2006, ApJ, 637, L89, astro-ph/0512583
The Low-Redshift Lyman Alpha Forest toward PKS 0405-123, 2006, ApJ, 636, 631, astro-ph/0505586
Coronagraphic Imaging of the Pre-Main Sequence Stars with the HST STIS: I. The Herbig Ae Stars, 2005, ApJ, 630, 958
The FUSE determination of a low deuterium abundance along an extended sight line in the Galactic disk, 2005, ApJ, 635, 1136, astro-ph/0508611
Probing the IGM-Galaxy Connection Toward PKS 0405-123, 2005, ApJ, 629, L25, astro-ph/0507621
The D/H Ratio toward PG0038+199, 2005, ApJ, 625, 210, astro-ph/0501320
The Distribution of Lyman Alpha-Emitting Galaxies at z=2.38: Paper 2, Spectroscopy, 2004, ApJ, 614, 75, astro-ph/0406413
The Environment of the Optically Brightest Herbig Ae Star, HD 104237, 2004, ApJ, 608, 809
Two New Low Galactic D/H Measurements from FUSE, ApJ, 609, 838, astro-ph/0403606
Cold, Neutral, Low-Metallicity Gas Clouds in a Galaxy Proto-Cluster at Redshift 2.38, 2004, ApJ, 602, L77, astro-ph/0401257
A Study of the Reionization History of Intergalactic Helium with FUSE and VLT, 2004, ApJ, 605, 631, astro-ph/0311279
The Distribution of Lyman Alpha-Emitting Galaxies at z=2.3, 2004, ApJ, 602, 545 astro-ph/0311279

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Large Scale Structure at z=1.2 Outlined by MgII Absorbers, 2002, ApJ, 578, 708, astro-ph/0111135
The Heavy Element Enrichment of Ly-alpha Clouds in the Virgo Supercluster, 2002, ApJ, 575, 697, astro-ph/0204204
STIS Observations of HeII Gunn-Peterson Absorption Toward HE 2347-4342, 2002, ApJ, 564, 542, astro-ph/0012193
The Proximity Effect in a Close Group of QSOs, 2001, MNRAS, 328, 653, astro-ph/0108239
A Pair of Compact Red Galaxies at Redshift 2.38, Immersed in a 100 kpc Scale Ly-a Nebula, 2001, ApJ, 554, 1001, astro-ph/0102263
The Hubble Deep Field: Formulation of the Observing Campaign, 2000, AJ, 120, 2735
Wide Field Imaging of the Hubble Deep Field--South Region: Quasar Candidates, 2000, ApJ, 541, 61, astro-ph/0005068
STIS Observations of HeII Gunn-Peterson Absorption Toward Q0302-003, 2000, ApJ, 534, 69, astro-ph/9812429
     summary of AAS press release Jan 1999
Large-scale structure in the Lyman Alpha forest II: analysis of a group of ten QSOs, 2000, MNRAS, 311, 657, astro-ph/9910407
Large Scale Structure in the Lyman Alpha Forest, 2000, ApJ, 532, 77, astro-ph/9910369

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Recent Conference Proceedings:

Lyman-Alpha Blobs in a Filament at z=2.38, BAAS, 203.8909

STIS Spectroscopy of PKS 0405-123, Proc XVth Rencontres de Blois, Physical Cosmology