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Gerard Williger

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Most Recent/Current Courses:
Physics & Astronomy 107, Elementary (College) Astronomy, Sp 2022
Physics & Astronomy 590, Astrophysics II: Stars and Galaxies, Sp 2022

Tutorial (non-credit, taught irregularly, assisting Lutz Haberzettl):

Astro-Boot Camp: tutorials for Unix/Linux, IRAF, DS9,  Au 2015

Past courses at U. Louisville:

Physics & Astronomy 107, Au 2006, Sp 2007, Sp 2008, Au 2008, Sp 2009, Au 2010, Sp 2011, Au 2012, Sp 2013, Au 2014, Sp 2015, Au 2015, Sp 2016, Au 2016, Sp 2017, Sp 2018, Au 2019 , Sp 2020 , Au 2020 , Sp 2021, Au 2021

Recitations for Physics & Astronomy 298, Sp 2014

Physics & Astronomy 307, Solar System/Astrophysics I: Sp 2006, Au 2007, Au 2008, Au 2010, Au 2012, Au 2013, Au 2014, Au 2015, Au 2016, Au 2017 , Au 2019 , Au 2020 , Au 2021

Physics & Astronomy 590, Stars & Galaxies/Astrophysics II: Sp 2013, Sp 2014, Sp 2015, Sp 2016, Sp 2017, Sp 2018, Sp 2020, Sp 2021

Physics & Astronomy 650, Research Methods (in astronomy): Sp 2013, with J. Lauroesch, J. Kielkopf

Past courses at U. de Nice:
Astrobiology (general education/non-majors, in French): Sp 2010, Au 2011 (with M. Adrian-Scotto + team), Sp 2012 (team-taught), Sp 2013 (for geology majors, team-taught, my part via Internet)
Quasars & Black Holes (general education/non-majors, in French): Sp 2010, Sp 2012
Star Formation (Master-2nd yr, in English): Dec 2009, Dec 2010, Dec 2011
Physics labs (in French):
  Quantum Mechanics-3rd yr Sp 2011, Sp 2012
  Electronics-1st yr Au 2011
  Thermodynamics-1st yr Sp 2011
Recitations (in French): Thermodynamics for Physicists Sp 2011

Grading history at U. Louisville

Tutoring for Physics & Astronomy 107 by former students: the A-Stars program

Lily Bouch Award - for the most inspirational student in Astronomy 107
Lily Bouch was a student in Astronomy 107 who tragically died in an automobile accident in April 2018, a few
days before the final exam. In her memory, this award commemorates the student who is the best example of
enthusiasm for the course, determination and/or overcoming obstacles.
Au 2019: Susan Pallman, senior, Web Design/Art
Sp 2020: Elmedina Brkic, senior, Education
Au 2020: Sebastian Zapata, sophomore, going into Business Computer/Information Science
Sp 2021: Adam Poston, sophomore, pre-Business

NSF Website for REU searches searches (astronomy, atmospheric science, materials research, physics, computer science, life sciences etc.)
NOTE: Many of the programs listed as "physics" also include astronomy!

Academic Misconduct: Why Cheating Makes A Loser Of Everyone
Advice from Astro 107 Students Who Cheated
Academic Misconduct in Physics Courses - A Guarantee of Career Failure

some astronomy summer internship suggestions
Getting the Most Out of Your Summer Internship/REU, Science Magazine 2008 Dec

" So You Want to be an Astronomer " by Duncan Forbes
" So You Want to be a Physicist " by Michio Kaku
" The Production Rate and Employment of PhD Astronomers " by Travis Metcalfe
" The plight of young scientists (includes podcast) " Nature, Vol 538, 26 Oct 2016
" How Long should an Astronomical Paper Be to Increase its Impact " by Krzysztof Stanek

Astronomy books by local academics

Setting Aside All Authority: Giovanni Battista Riccioli and the Science against Copernicus
in the Age of Galileo
Christopher M. Graney (University of Notre Dame Press, 2015)

Popular Articles on Education and Working Through College

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Study Tips: The Transition from High School To College by Ron Theys, U Wisconsin-Fond du Lac, reprinted at
Focus on Process, your Brain as a Learning Machine, to Succeed -- not on "raw intelligence" , Carol Dweck, 1 Jan 2015, Scientific American
Why All-Nighters DON'T Work , P Haynes, B Christmann, L Griffith 2015, eLife 10.7554/eLife.03868, Brandeis U.
Ratings agency: Students judge their teachers. Often unfairly. - a meta-study of , The Economist, 23 Jan 2016
The Math Revolution in America: Math is a Tool for CRITICAL THINKING , The Atlantic, Mar 2016
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The Role of Homework in the Age of Photomath and Chegg , eMath Instruction, 29 Apr 2021
Become Antifragile: Exercise Your Resilience by Embracing Painful Emotions to Achieve Happiness , Tal Ben-Shahar, former Harvard and Columbia faculty member, RealClearScience, 1 Feb 2022 (7.2' video)
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The Scourge of Online Solutions and an Academic Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram , J. Overduin, J. Buchman, J. Perry, T. Krause, Towson St. U., June 2021, "The Physics Educator", on the breakdown of the correlation between homework and test results